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You wanted to treat or reward yourself, so you bought the latest surround-sound system for your living room. But a few days have passed, and you're still wondering if you should have purchased it or not. Why do some people develop buyer's remorse after certain purchases? If you're one of them, find dating buyers remorse what you can do about it. Do you experience buyer's remorse every time you purchase something, or only once in a while? If your friends call you indecisive and you question and berate yourself after making any type of purchase, there could be a larger problem. When you've stepped out of your comfort zone to make an important purchase or choice, it's customary to feel a twinge or two of self-doubt.

Check it out. Ramit Sethi. I want to show you how. Having devoted my life to helping people with personal finance and development, the subject fascinates me to no end. Why do people make purchases that they regret? So a while back, I posed the question to my followers on Dating buyers remorse. The most common are:. Aside from things like marriage or having kids, buying a house is the biggest decision an average person will make.

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Buyer's remorse creates cold feet. It's worse than walking in the snow in skimpy shoes without socks. After you've received the good news that you've just bought a home, it's not unusual to develop buyer's remorse, or what real estate agents call cold feet. This cold feet syndrome happens all at once. One dating buyers remorse you're jumping up and down with glee, calling your friends and family to share the joy, and the next minute doubt settles in, like a big rain cloud seemingly out of nowhere. You wonder, "What in the world did I just do? Then, it gets worse All sorts of bad scenarios pop into your mind. You might imagine your spouse getting fired and wonder how will both of you make the mortgage payment?

I am in a fix and here to ask for help. I love looking at the time on dating buyers remorse JLC and was originally thinking of having it engraved, but recently met a friend and saw him wear the Reverso Ultra thin. I have girly sized wrists and thought that the Tribute Ultra Thin model would fit me so much better. Also, the Tribute Reverso without any seconds hand was breathtaking. The only reason I bought the Grand Reserve was because I wanted to complete a collection on power reserve. I am wondering if I should just sell this JLC and acquire one of the tribute models. But then, the current ain't really bad, and I enjoy it also, especially because it has an eight day power reserve which I love to wind. I am just so confused.

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