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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The earliest Ginger Beer bottles pres are the simple, single coloured salt glaze variety, many of which had little more than the bottler's name impressed into the stone and sometimes not even that. Other types include skittle-shaped bottles, standard bottles, which typically have a honey coloured body with brown glazed top and shoulders and champagne-style bottles which are taller and slimmer than other designs. You can also occasionally find examples with coloured tops and shoulders; these are rare and highly desirable to collectors. There are literally thousands of examples of stone ginger beer and stout dating ginger beer bottles but as with so many collectable items, it is the oldest, the rarest and the most unusual that attract the most attention. Closures for ginger beer and stout bottles are either cork, internal screw or bale stoppers. Bottles that come with the original closure are generally more highly sought after, but this is an unusual feature so don't be put off if the stopper is not included.

Stoneware bottles were used during the 19th and early 20th century to house both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The particular style of bottles shown here were mainly used to house ginger beer. They fell out of favour by the 's, probably as a result of competition from mass produced glass bottles, but also due to concerns over the cleanliness of stoneware bottles given that you couldn't see inside them. This dating ginger beer bottles had previously been seen as an advantage, providing a means of hiding any unsightly sediment in drinks.

The independent consumer guide to beer product dating. Welcome dating ginger beer bottles BeerDates. This is where you come to learn how old that can of beer you're holding really is. Got a suspiciosly skunky beer?
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Most beer bottles have some sort of date on them, but figuring out what they mean can be a bit confusing. Many brewers will buy these bottles back from a retailer a full retail price, so there is no reason to keeping old beer on the shelf. For many years A-B recommended a shelf life of days, but a few years ago extended that to days. While getting a beer as fresh as possible is great, aged beer can be pretty wonderfulso which dating ginger beer bottles should you pick up from the store? Well aging beer is unfortunately not as simple as letting a beer sit on a store shelf. Beer only ages correctly under the proper conditions. Usually this means a cool, dry place around degrees Fahrenheit away from any direct light; so basically the opposite of a store shelf. Additionally, not all beer ages well.

The origins of ginger beer can be traced back to England in the mids. Metheglin was more of a naturally carbonated, yeast-fermented honey tasting dating ginger beer bottles. It often included ginger, cloves and mace, which proved to be a popular drink in the colonies. The difference is that while ginger beer includes the yeast for fermentation, it is also sweetened with honey. Cane sugar or molasses were also used. Additional ingredients included whole Jamaica ginger root and fresh lemons. When the carbonation process was introduced inan essence of extract was used to achieve the right taste.

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