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Military Versions from to Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. They are very rare and rank in value with Singer models. Dating colt serial numbers Munitions Co. Some parts were made but no complete pistols.

Listed serial numbers represent ranges only. The Woodsman was not assembled in numerical sequence, and overlaps of several thousand numbers are common! Dating colt serial numbers single shipment of a dozen or so guns often contained serial numbers spanning a range of several thousand, which might be typical of numbers used over a period of two or three years. Several different sets of serial numbers were used, so it is important to use ALL of the numbers and letters in the serial number.

Colt Model: Serial Number: Caliber:. Historical Autopsy of a Government Model Historical Dating colt serial numbers of a Government Model serial number.
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A common first question for a Colt owner is "When was my Colt made". The second question is often "What Colt do I have"? First, identifying a Colt revolver can be frustrating because beginning in Colt always started each new model at serial number "1", and progressed upward until the model was discontinued, OR until the mid's when the serial number system changed to meet Federal law. Since all Colt's started off at number "1" it's possible to have a number of older Colt firearms all with the dating colt serial numbers serial number. In the Gun Control of was passed. This law mandated that from then on all new firearms had to have a serial number and that number had to be unique.

Colt serial codes could be hard to read in the case you are not experienced in the field. While these codes have little impact on the firearms performance, they are one of the best ways to trace back the origin of the gun. The numbers and possible prefix or suffix characters contain a dating colt serial numbers of information about the weapon history but not everyone can understand them accurately. If you truly want to know how to read Colt serial numbers then this article got something for you. Below are some solutions to read the numbers along with interesting information about Colt serial rules and regulations. Thanks to the advance of technology, now you are able to look up Colt serial number on the Internet. However, as the page already stated, the database of the method is not a completed one. That is why the lookup result is not always good enough for your need. Certain vintage guns have overlapping serial numbers between models which make the searching even more confusing in some cases. Colt offers a unique research service to their customers, it provides you with the brand official archive letter as proof of your gun history.

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