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Do matchmaking services really work? In this digital dating age, people can be highly skeptical of old-school matchmaking services like Kelleher International. After all, how many couples that you know found each other using a professional how do matchmaking services work The biggest compliment we receive at Kelleher International is when happy clients refer our matchmaking services to friends or family members. A recent referral reconnected Kelleher matchmaker Sherry Allen with a happy Kelleher couple still growing strong. Helping clients find their forever love is a joyful adventure — sometimes taking us and them halfway around the world. We continued to match Dan and facilitated a few other relationships. He and Anna stayed in touch as friends and a year or so later, they decided to give it a go again.

How do matchmaking services work matchmaking services vary enormously, depending on their population; the credentials, training, skill, professionalism, and ethics of the matchmaker; whether the company is a nationwide franchise or a more personalized boutique service; whether the matchmaker meets you or not; and whether the service is a real business or a hobby the owner is doing to meet a special someone. A difference also exists between businesses run predominantly to make money and those run by someone who actually cares about the service sold. Most personal matchmaking services will interview you extensively, asking questions about your relationship goal and match preferences. The service screens and researches matches for you and then notifies you via mail or phone that your match is ready. If both parties accept the match, names and numbers are exchanged, and you and your match get in touch to arrange a date. The service does the work while you have all the fun.

Dating sites have become a routine facet of modern loveno longer the stigmatized virtual outlet for only the most desperate or undesirable. Real-world matchmakers attribute much of their face-to-face businesses' success with the popularity and attendant drawbacks of online dating [source: Hicken ]. Many anecdotes from men and women who have turned to professional matchmakers include online dating horror stories that compelled them to hand over their love lives into more responsible hands than the Internet. The Matchmaking Institute, possibly the only place in the U. The industry is dominated by women who may have been formally trained through the Matchmaking Institute, parlayed expansive social networks into a profitable service, or inherited the itch how do matchmaking services work teach adults how to date from a familial interest in matchmaking. One of the most famous matchmakers in the United States and star of the hit reality television series "Millionaire Matchmaker," Patti Stanger began getting couples together in the seventh grade [source: Garone ].
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