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Pflueger is one of the nation's earliest, most prolific and most enduring tackle giants. Established in the s as a fish hook manufacturer, the company blossomed well beforeoffering a broad line of hooks, spinners and metal baits. The company also experimented with dating pflueger lures marketed many rubber lures as well. ByPflueger, with various trademarks including the Four Brothers name, was well entrenched in the lure industry. The Pflueger maroon boxes discussed below are among the company's most desirable to collectors.

The antique Pflueger Lure was introduced aroundand by some accounts even earlier. The lure was first seen with see through hardware. The globe lure bears a striking resemblance to Decker Rotary Head Lures. Later it moved to Neverfail hardware then on to surface rig hardware as shown in the gallery. The globe lure had 3 different models to choose dating pflueger lures, this shown being the smallest.

Pflueger and Enterprise Dating pflueger lures Company. This is Page 2 of 2 Pflueger Pages. Click on photos to enlarge. This baby Globe in luminous spotted finish is in the later maroon box.
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